Bet On Play: The Stakes 1-X-2

Let’s talk about the stakes where there are not the two results but three – the victory one. The draw game X and than the victory 2. Let’s examine some systems of the stakes which can help not to lose even if you haven’t guessed even one of the results of the game. The main use of these strategies is the stakes on football.

The System One – Bet My Play

Sometimes there are a few nice matches with the coefficient 1.7-2.0, but while betting on three or four such matches one of the teams plays draw game and everything is crashed. What do you have to do? You can get the system on these matches, for example 2 of 3, but the winning is less in many times and what if one team won’t play at all, you’ll only play your money and that’ll be all!! We’ll go another way: let’s try to note the credibility of the draw game too. For example there are three matches where the first team should win (coefficients 1.8-2.0).

Than we bet four expresses:

  1. P1 P1 P1;
  2. P1 P1 draw game;
  3. P1 draw game P1;
  4. Draw gameP1 P1.

For this we spend four dollars (each one on the one express). So what do we have as a result? If all of our teams win we have 1.8*1.8*1.8*1$=5.83$, if one of the matches finishes with the draw game (the coefficient on the draw game is about 2.7), that means we have 1.8*1.8*2.7*1$=8.7$. that means the winning is not bad. But if there is two draws or one of the teams loses our money will tell us “goodbye”.

We can modify this system even for the victory of the doing away team. But then the number of possible variants is much bigger. That’s why for the system to be rentable the numbers of the variants should be limited. For example counting the credibility of the victory only for two or only for one pair.

The expresses we get: :

  1. P1P1 P1;
  2. P1 P1 draw game;
  3. P1 draw game P1;
  4. P1 P1 P2;
  5. P1 draw game P2.

It means that in each of the express the coefficient shouldn’t be smaller than 5.

The system two – Bet in Your Hand

It has a lot of similarities with the system one, which is told about higher. The sense of the system is that a lot of teams play well when they are on the going out. That’s why after choosing three such teams we can organize out stakes that way:

  Match 1 Match 2 Match 3
Express 1 2 2 2
Express 2 2 2 X
Express 3 2 X 2
Express 4 X 2 2
Express 5 X X 2
Express 6 X 2 X
Express 7 2 X X
Express 8 X X X

So on the goings out teams the coefficients are high enough all the time. That’s why to reach the coefficient 8.0 in each of the expresses to get the profitability won’t be very difficult.

How To Use The Stakes 1-X-2 System

The systems can be used for the matches with the nice coefficients. In the case of, for example, the draw game in one of the matches (for the system 1), to get the winning anyway.

Though the efficiency of the system 1 can be put under the suspicious – because after betting three matches with the ordinars, the result can even be not the worse or even sometimes better than the stakes with the expresses in system 1 (or bet the express 1X,1X,1X).

The system two is nice for stakes on teams, which rarely lose everywhere.

But usually as in the first system it’s better to bet on the whole sum which you were going to bet on the eight expresses in system two, or on one express – X2,X2,X2.

That means that the effectiveness for each strategy should be counted for each stake.

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