Sport Betting System ‘Not to Bet at All’

If you think that this system is too banal you are wrong – we can use it well enough. In what else system can you find such a thing: the worse you play, the more sum of money you win. So what are the positive points of this system?

The money

Can you name the main point of each system? It is similar; the main purpose of every system is to win more money of course. Even if you think you can win a lot with the book-makers you are wrong: you can win much more. But think carefully: do the book-makers bring you much money?

No, of course. I’m sure you are happy when you even get the sum you’ve bet back! If you hear about the profit 10-20% from the bet sum,you have to know that such a result only a professional can reach. The balance of the biggest part of the gamble is lower that the zero –there is nothing well. And here is the profit you get using our system: everything depends on the gambler’s qualifications and knowledge.

The worse he plays, the more income he has. One player has a sum N. if he uses this sum for betting, he will definitely lose it. Of course in some cases he can win something but it’s a rare case. And in that rare case this system won’t be efficient for him. The best category of the players (of this strategy I mean) is the only beginners. Isn’t it nice to know that you weren’t wrong and the team on which you wanted to bet loses the game (such thing are happened VERY often).

The time

I’m sure that to bet well you need to spend a lot time to gather information and so on. Maybe for the people who has the Internet it’s not so difficult, but the information itself isn’t valuable at all. You need to sort it, select everything you need, and this usually requires much time. But not everyone can bet a good gambler even if he has all the data.

At the book-maker’s you need to think about the results, analyze a lot. What I mean is that if you want to see results playing with the book-maker, you have to spend a lot of time. My system offers you to win not losing your valuable time. Really important is to feel the boarder: you have to play at the book-maker’s to get some experience of course.

And the results, I mean good results require some efforts too: looking after the latest news, betting together with the intuition, not from the statistic data.

The risks

There is no risk, playing this way, even a child understands.

The general result

All the readers are now interested what is the sense to play such way, if you cannot get the real money?
It’s a very clever question, but think carefully – if you don’t win it means you don’t lose! This system is the most important for those new gamblers who want to get really important thing – the experience.

I don’t think it’s a good way to start betting with the real money. The new player can usually play with the emotions a lot, and I’m sure it can’t bring any success. The conclusion is that it’s more practically to play conditionally at first. But when you can already lead your intuition, knowledge and emotions you can bet in the real world.

This system also helps to develop your intuition, because you’ll bet more with its help. This system doesn’t require any money and information, and the last point can often make you very bored. A developed intuition – it is one of the main features the player should have. That’s why try to check it well first.

And one more thing, even if you are an experienced gambler you can use the system, to try playing with the new strategy or something like that.

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