Sport Betting Strategy: The Fixed Sum Of The Rate

The fixed sum of the rate, I think you’ve also heard about it as about a flat-betting –belongs to the financial management, exists from its very beginning and is very easy. Playing with the help of this strategy you bet always the same sum of money, and there is no difference on what event.

Though the strategy is easy in some way it doesn’t confirm the truth that “all that is of genius is easy” anyway. Because this simplicity, if it’s not maintained by the mathematically and physically leads to the gamer’s losing while long game. Some use the strategy can also have on the rates on totals/handicaps/foras it means on the events with two results.

So if the event has three results (Victory1, X or Victory2), the strategy even can’t be used. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend you to use that strategy because it doesn’t solve the main tasks of the financial management – the optimization of the income and minimization of the credibility of the fail and financial risk.

How To Use The Fixed Sum of the Rate Strategy

It can take place only if you put the totals/foras with the fixed coefficient, for example 1.91. Then on the first place comes the right choosing of teams for rates and the percent of guessing.

So if the sum of the rates is fixed and the coefficient is 1.91 to be a winner you have to guess not less than 52.4% of all suppositions you’ve done (1/1.91=0.524).

At first you can think that this percent is only a little bigger than 50% and to get this percent of guessing is easy, but the first impression, of course, is wrong. It’s only enough to say that the professional players who suppose a little more than 64% of such events get to the halls of the golden glory in Las-Vegas.

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