Betting On Totals Strategy

The stakes on the totals

Total – is the number of the goals/pucks/points scored during the match. The work of the book-maker is to guess this number. And the stakes on totals are made with the system more or less. This kind of stakes is liked by many people because it has only to kind of finish: less or more. But the only one exception exists: if the total is a complete number and the sum of all scored points is the same, then the stake gets the expense – the payment with the coefficient 1. Talking about the stakes is an interesting thing but we’ll do that a little later.

I’m sure you definitely want to minimize your losses, when you play with totals. So I’d like to tell you a little about the strategy which can help you much.

So, you are sure that two matches will have one total less or more at the end (it doesn’t matter), and if we bet three expresses, we will be sure that the level of the credibility to win is rather high.

  • 1 express – match 1 – total more, match 2 – total more
  • 2 express – match 1 – total more, match 2 – total less
  • 3 express – match 1 – total less, match 2 – total more

After analyzing we see that these coefficients have their average meaning about 1.9, for each express we have 1.9*1.9=3.61
But if the two matches finish with the score less we’ll lose some sum. And from another side you see that when one match has one total more we get 20% more (3.61/3=1.203).

How to use betting on totals

You should decide yourself 😉

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