Sports Betting System: ‘the forks’ (risk-free bets)

I think that everyone, who has ever played at the offices have heard the words “forks” or the”holes”. And I think everyone knows that the “forks” it’s the only kind of the stakes, where you can get 100% of the non-lose.

Let’s examine this betting strategy with the care and attentiveness.

The classical “fork” – it’s the bet on one event but on the all the results of it. It means that if it is total – we bet both: more and less. If it is the tennis ball – we bet the loss and the win of the player.

And where is the winning? And the winning is that you have to bet at different offices, counting the difference of the coefficients. So the “forks” exist because different offices can predict different teams’ chances. Of course, not every match has the “forks”, but usually you can find them.

Everything will be understandable after the examples:

The example 1

The team 1 The team 2 1 X 2
Roma Leads 1.90 (Alpenhand) 3.60 (Darwin) 5.75(Darwin)

So the best coefficients on the 1X2 are at the offices Alpenland 1.90, Darwin 3.60, and Darwin 5.75. so to get !$ on the Roma’s winning you have to bet at the Alpenlan d0.53$ (1/1.90=0.53), then, on the draw game you have to bet at the Darwin 0.28$ (1/1.30=0.28), on the winning of the Lids we bet at the Darwin 0.17$ (1/5.75=0.17). so to get !$ we need to bet 0.53+ 0.28 + 0.17=0.98$. As you see we get the income independently from the result of the match. So from each bet 1$ we get 1/0.98=1.02$.

The example 2

In the first example we described the classical technique (1, X and 2). And now let’s examine the events, where there are two results: for example the tennis ball.

The match Coefficient at the first office Coefficient at the second office
Iohansson-Voinya 1.26 3.55
Iohansson-Voinya 1.45 2.9

Having made the little counting we see that there is a “fork” at about 2.95%. By the way if the event has two results, we can check the existence of the “fork” with the help of the easy formula. If Coef1*Coef2>Coef1+Coef2, there is a “fork”.

So we see, that after betting the “forks” we have dot the guarantee winning.

BUT! The player, who bets the “forks”, has got some problems on his way. If you bet in the Internet, you have to have a lot of accounts at a lot of the book-makers, to be able to find the “fork”. So you’ve got the cost for the moving money on your account and getting the money from the account (you have to pay the percent while checking off the money with the bank system, and moneybookers system and also by the credit card).

So if we have after playing the “fork” 2%! and it’s a lot, while the moving money we can lose 1.5%. so we should think if we need it at all.

But if you bet at the real offices, not in the Internet, you can meet some difficulties too. The player has to be in time everywhere, where he wants to make a stake, at all the offices. And difficult because there are also other players, who want to bet the “fork”.

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