Let’s Speak About The “Goings After” Betting Strategy

So what are these “goings after”? This is a strategy of the stakes, using which the player chooses a special event (I mean the event he likes) and during the period of the time he bets on it. While this is the player has a loss he makes the stake bigger in that way, till the loss isn’t smaller and moreover to win (goes after).

For example we bet that Spain will play the draw game in the championship of England, and we start from the stake in I $, the coefficient is, let’s pretend, 3.0; if we are losing we bet not 1, but 1.5$, and then 2$ and move in that way till we win.

Speaking about the kinds of the “goings after” the experienced gamblers divide them in two categories – the “going after” alone, and global “going after”.

The sense of the alone “going after” strategy is that if, for example, the player sees that the team plays for already five matches five totals more or less, and any time has played the draw game, he bets on this team less or draw game; after the loss – again this event and so on till the winning. After this, the “going after” stops. It means that we “go after” one event in the little part of the time.

The global “going after” is the “going after” during which the team (or some teams) and a certain event are chosen, and during the season the gambler “goes after” this team all the time on this event. In this case the team (or teams) is “went after” during the long period of time.

Both; the global and alone “going after” have their dark and light sides. The experienced gamblers use usually both kind of the “going after”, sometimes they even combine them.

And now about the cons of the “going after” in general

I think it’s not the news for you that the best for the “going after” is football (and to be more exact the stakes on the totals and draw games). Now it’s really not the secret.
But the football has one very serious failing; the matches are played only once (in the better case twice) a week, that means that sometimes you have to wait your lottery for a month. But this “con” disappears if you “go after” the group of the teams or even the complete championship.

And now about the NBA and the NHL and the baseball betting systems

The “area” for the “goings after” is rather big here, but it has some minuses. First of all the size of the total isn’t usual’ it can change, especially in the NBA, what can lead to the increase the period of time when of the number of the matches without the winning and we have to increase the stakes. However, the games are three or four times a week, the iteration won’t be longer than two weeks, though it can lasts for 6-7 matches and how you understand in this case we have to have a lot money to be able to bet on every next game while the iteration.

A few practical advices to play the “going after”:

1. We bet with the help of the” going after” the whole football championship on the draw games( Italy, Spain, France) – the percent of the draw games comes to the 30% and this promises not bad profit, thus for the “going after” one championship you need about 200-300$, and this is not so much.

2. go after the totals in the baseball and the NBA – knowing because the experience and statistics I can make you sure that the iterations are 4-5 stakes (if you choose the teams right).

3. go after the totals in football – the best to do is in Germany – people bet more than 2.5 very often, but betting on less than 2.5 – you can get a big coefficient.

But you should remember that the “goings after” is a very dangerous category of the betting, like all progressive stakes, where you need to increase the sum of the stakes, that’s why after getting into the long series this strategy can lead you to the bankruptcy.

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