D’Alamber System – Casino and Betting Gambling Strategy

One of those strategies of the financial management which came from the casino’s gambling games with the book-makers, exactly from the roulette.

The sense of the “clean” D’Alamber’s method is that you determine the size of the “unit”, the first stake is one “unit” (it can be 1$ or 10 pounds it doesn’t matter but the value of the unit shouldn’t change). If the stake is lost the next stake is bigger in one “unit”. If it is won it is less on one “unit” too.

Because the system was made out to play with the roulette let’s look on the chart and see the dynamics of the game with this system with the coefficient two.

stake winning income
1 0 -1
2 0 -3
3 6 0
2 0 -2
3 6 +1

To make the risk less, after you won you can make the sum of the stake less not on one “unit”, but start again with the first stake.

The method of the contr-D’Alamber is examined too. The idea is similar to that that is told higher, but the financial strategy is opposite: after win you make your stake bigger on one “unit”, after lose – you make it less on one.

How To Use D’Alamber Strategy

It is seems to be understandable that the use of these strategies in the pure method doesn’t have the practical side if the coefficient is smaller than two. I mean if to bet on – the draw game in the football – this system can take place. Of course you can use D’Alamber’s system also for the stakes with smaller coefficients, but then while the long game it’ll be very difficult for you to get some positive balance.

There is sense to use contr-D’Alambre’s method if in your game there are as winning as losing series.

That means that in case of the losing series you are minimizing your loses and vice versa in the case of a lot of winnings you can make your income bigger in a few times.

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