Oscar Graind’s Betting System

As the D’Alamber’s system this was made for the roulette. That’s why here there is the definition “unit” too. It means the size of your first stake and also the sum on which the size of the stake will grow. In the roulette game it’s a chip, while playing in the office it can be any sum you’ve chosen depending on your financial abilities.

The sense of this betting strategy has a few rules which you should do all the time:

  1. Your pure profit in the end of the each cycle of the stakes shouldn’t be bigger than 1 “unit”, and if you can make smaller stake for it, than it could be done coming from the other rules, the stake should be minimized to the sizes of the minimal possible to reach the clean profit in one “unit”.
  2. The first stake – is one “unit”.
  3. The stake after the lost is the same as the previous stake.
  4. After the winning the size of the stake is bigger in one “unit”.

To understand there is an example with the coefficient two in the chart.

stake winning income
1 0 -1
1 0 -2
1 0 -3
1 0 -4
1 2 -3
2 0 -5
2 4 -3
3 6 0

As we see Oscar Graind’s system in many aspects is similar with the system of contr D’Alamber’s method. It is only the system of the less risk. That’s why we won’t stop a lot on the practical use of this method we’ll only note that the use of the system with the coefficients less than 2.0 isn’t useful at all

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