EURO 2012 Final Prognosis

EURO 2012 Final Prognosis

Epic EURO 2012 final to be held on 1 July in the Olympic Stadium, Kiev. Get ready to greet new European champions. What team deserves such a title? Germany, Italy, Spain or Portugal?

Let’s learn the basic advantages and drawbacks of all to determine the best online betting odds to count on.

Final Match EURO 2012 Betting Odds


This team shows persistence in their winning strategy. No tricks, no intrigues. Germany just plays good. Maybe, perfect. Effective defence, confident attacks. What else do you need to win the championship? Maybe, some passion. Drive. Well, Germans prefer showing stable game with the most crucial steps made at the very match end. Let’s check whether they will follow this strategy again.


These guys have really a lot of things to be proud of. Spain is the European champion 2008 and World Cup 2010 winner. Its players are members of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Professional and experienced, Spain squad represents the team of respected personalities. They will definitely make the game a real show. Their coach Vicente del Bosque has enough experience to lead the team on the way to so awaited victory.


Tactics. It is all about it. Perfect strategy to follow and world is yours. Portugal knows that system is better than chaos. Experienced coach decisions are better than spontaneous illumination. Well thought-out defence in combination with fierce attack are their key features to enjoy. With most players from Real Madrid, including fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal has enough chances to become a true leader in this fight.


If judge Italy team considering this EURO championship they have enough power to “bite”. Just remind their match with powerful Spain (1:1) and exciting meeting with England. It ended with exhausting overtime and then destiny-make penalties (4:2) to prove Italy can show “nice” game.

All the players are on their places starting with experienced sharks to newly-minted enthusiasts. It seems that Italian coach Cesare Prandelli knows how to lead his team to the victory with cautious and smart football performed.

EURO 2012 Final Winner

MyBetPlay experts prognosis: perfect attacking system vs effective defence. Spain or Germany. These are the favourites of this championship. Just wait till they defeat their powerful rivals that also have quite good chances to enter the final match.

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