The Fixed Bank Percent – Another Financial Betting Strategy

It’s the second strategy of the financial management, which has almost the same level of difficulty. The sense of the strategy is that you decide the sum of your bank (the sum of the rates which you’re choosing for the rates in the office) and the sum of each of your rate is the same as the fixed rate in your bank. It means that if your bank is 100$ and the percent is 10% so your rate is 10$. If you lose so your bank is 100$-10$=90$ your next rate will be 10%*90$=9$. The same is when you win.

Theoretically while playing with this strategy you can’t lose. In some way one of the purposes of the financial management is attained – impossibility of the financial crash. But it’s only on the first side. Because if you get into the stripe of the unluckiness, the counted size of the rates can be less than the minimal level of rates at the book-maker. So using this strategy in its “clean” view can’t bring anything good to the player.

How To Use The Fixed Bank Percent Approach

In the “clean” view isn’t recommended. Though it’s possible to use the strategy with some changes – in the size of the rates or the bank, or in the kind of the rates. So it’s possible to make the percent you want from the bank on the rates on ordinaries, on one kind of the expresses, on other kinds of expresses and so on. On another hand you can make different size of the percent depending on different sizes of your bank.

The example. You did such kind of the gradation: the bank 1-119$ – 10% from the bank on the rates on the ordinaries, 5% from the bank on the rates on the express. 120-200$ – 5% from the bank while counting on the ordinaries, 3% from the bank while counting on the express. Your first bank is 100$. You make the ordinar with the coefficient three.

That means that the sum of your rate is: 100$*10%=10$. Let’s pretend that the stake is won. Your bank after that is 10*3+90=120$. Your next stake is also an ordinar with the coefficient three. Let’s count what is the sum of the stake because your bank is already 120$ your stake is 120$*5%=6$.

The improvement in this system is the Kelly Criteria, about which we’ll talk a little later.

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