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Value Betting – New Betting Approach. Part 2

The first part about this strategy is here: Value Betting System – Another Bet Strategy. Part 1 The coefficient, fitting to the given event, where we’ll use the strategy shouldn’t be very high: the main is that the criterion was made, and if it is for the coefficient 1.50 it means you can bet on […]

Value Betting System – Another Bet Strategy. Part 1

From the name of this strategy you can understand that the sense of this system is to bet on something that hasn’t got enough value from the book-maker. In other words it’s a game on the higher coefficients.

Sports Betting System: ‘the forks’ (risk-free bets)

I think that everyone, who has ever played at the offices have heard the words “forks” or the”holes”. And I think everyone knows that the “forks” it’s the only kind of the stakes, where you can get 100% of the non-lose.

The “Goings After” With The Use Of The Progression

Usually the gamers while playing with the ‘’goings after” don’t think much about the time and the sum, which they want to win. Often the first stakes are done with the notes about the big winning, but after the loss the gambler only leaves to get back his money. And the opposite at all situation […]

More About The “Corridors” In Basketball Betting Strategy

Read the first post about basketball betting strategy. Of course the “corridors” can exist not only in the basketball, but in all the kinds of the sport, where the book-maker giver the ability tom bet with the foras. For example, it’s not bad to use the “corridors” in football. Let’s pretend that the leader plays […]

The “Corridors” In The Basketball Sport Betting

I’d like to tell at first that the “corridors” can’t be named as the strategy! And if you like to use the terminology you can better name it as a tactics of the game. So what is it the “corridors”? Of course it came from the gamers’ slang. So it means the “row” of the […]

Betting On Totals Strategy

The stakes on the totals Total – is the number of the goals/pucks/points scored during the match. The work of the book-maker is to guess this number. And the stakes on totals are made with the system more or less. This kind of stakes is liked by many people because it has only to kind […]

The Stakes On The Exact Score Of The Match. The 1st Part

In this we will tell you about the stakes on the exact score of the match. Hey, you shouldn’t shout that guess the exact score is impossible! Only let’s examine the stakes on the score from the side of the mathematics and statistics.

Bet On Play: The Stakes 1-X-2

Let’s talk about the stakes where there are not the two results but three – the victory one. The draw game X and than the victory 2. Let’s examine some systems of the stakes which can help not to lose even if you haven’t guessed even one of the results of the game. The main […]