First Match Half Betting Strategy

The stakes on the result of the first round/the match

In football such kind of the stakes isn’t used widely, but the coefficient is very high all the time.
You will ask me about the reason. And I answer: yes, the coefficient is high, but there are nine results of the game and it’s difficult a little to guess.

So the professionals recommend betting this way only in a company with some strategies.

Classical. In your opinion the host team will definitely win, I’m sure you can bet then two stakes on the draw game/the victory one, the victory one/ the victory one.

Absolutely the same thing you should do if in your opinion the team which is the guest will win. Don’t mind losing one of the stakes, because usually the won sum is much bigger, than if you had only bet on one winning.

Draw games. In the case you think none of the teams will win you can bet three stakes instead of one simple: the victory one/the draw game; the draw game/the draw game; the victory one/the draw game.

If you make this bet the sum of the money you will win, will be bigger even if one of the teams will lose the first time.
The systems. Now a little about the exact score of the match. Let’s choose three or four matches then think carefully and make stakes on all the possible expresses on the results of the matches we pretended.

Now I explain; for four matches we have six expresses two events for each; four expresses three events for each and one express with four events. We know that the coefficients in average are not less than 3-4 , you can only win 2 stakes to get the money.

How to Use Betting on the first rounds and halves

Like the bets on the exact score. Is the same even in that point that not all the offices accept the bets on the round/game in the expresses.

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