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First Match Half Betting Strategy

The stakes on the result of the first round/the match In football such kind of the stakes isn’t used widely, but the coefficient is very high all the time. You will ask me about the reason. And I answer: yes, the coefficient is high, but there are nine results of the game and it’s difficult […]

The Stakes On The Exact Score Of The Match. The 1st Part

In this we will tell you about the stakes on the exact score of the match. Hey, you shouldn’t shout that guess the exact score is impossible! Only let’s examine the stakes on the score from the side of the mathematics and statistics.

Bet On Play: The Stakes 1-X-2

Let’s talk about the stakes where there are not the two results but three – the victory one. The draw game X and than the victory 2. Let’s examine some systems of the stakes which can help not to lose even if you haven’t guessed even one of the results of the game. The main […]

Sport Betting Strategy: The Fixed Sum Of The Rate

The fixed sum of the rate, I think you’ve also heard about it as about a flat-betting –belongs to the financial management, exists from its very beginning and is very easy. Playing with the help of this strategy you bet always the same sum of money, and there is no difference on what event.

Football (Soccer) Betting: How To Bet Effectively

Let’s review the table of 11th round of the premier league of England. 1. Arsenal 6. Blackburn 11. Everton 16. Sunderland 2. Manchester United 7. Chelsea 12. Reading 17. Middlesbrough 3. Manchester City 8. Newcastle 13. Fulham 18. Tottenham 4.Liverpool 9. Aston Villa 14. Birmingham 19. Derby 5. Portsmouth 10. West Ham 15. Wigan 20. […]