The “Corridors” In The Basketball Sport Betting

I’d like to tell at first that the “corridors” can’t be named as the strategy! And if you like to use the terminology you can better name it as a tactics of the game. So what is it the “corridors”? Of course it came from the gamers’ slang. So it means the “row” of the stakes in basketball when the gambler bets on two different teams in the matches with different foras.

For example the match Leikers – Finiks, and the office gives the fora -8+8 with the coefficient 1.85. So how does the gambler behave him? He bets three on Leikers (the coefficient 1.35) and +10 on Finiks (the coefficient is 1.7) and let’s pretend each with 100$.

It’s logically seemed that one of the stakes will play, so the gambler will take 135$ or 170$. But the stake is 200$! And where is the winning here?!

But the winning is in that moment: the result of the match should get into out corridor. In our example the corridor is -3…+10 (it means the corridor in eight points), that means that if Leikers wins from 3 to 10 points we’ll win the both stakes. The pure income will be 105%!

And in the case of not getting into the boundaries of the “corridor” the player doesn’t lose the whole sum, but only the part!

Of course you shouldn’t bet the equal sums.

In the example sowed above the foras of the one office were used, but there are a lot of the offices. In one the fora can be -5+5, and another can have -8+8 for the same match. So you can make the coefficient of each stake bigger or make bigger the size of the “corridor” and those things make the chances to win grow.

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