More About The “Corridors” In Basketball Betting Strategy

Read the first post about basketball betting strategy.

Of course the “corridors” can exist not only in the basketball, but in all the kinds of the sport, where the book-maker giver the ability tom bet with the foras. For example, it’s not bad to use the “corridors” in football. Let’s pretend that the leader plays with the middle team of the league. The book-maker gives the coefficients 1.3 on the win of the leader and 1.5 the fora is (+1.5) for the middle team. If we’re doing the decision after the thoughts and the analysis, which mostly liked the leader will win with the difference in one ball, we get the typical “corridor”.

In the same way you can use the “corridors” in the hockey, baseball, tennis sport betting.

How To Use Basketball Betting System

It can really get some money if to use the foras in different offices.

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