Financial Management Strategies in Betting

The strategies of the financial management – are the systems which are made to manage your capital (bank), so it means the sum which you chose for rates. The main task for these strategies is to optimize the winning and to minimize the credibility of the fail so it means the case when you can lose everything. So choosing the sum for the rate has not the less, but maybe even the bigger value while playing with the book-makers, than even choosing the event for the rate. A lot of the strategies of the financial management came from the gambling games, for example, roulettes. Some have appeared while developing of the book-makers activity.

Attentively read all the strategies of the financial management that will be described later in this blog:

  • Flat;
  • Bank’s percent;
  • D’Alembert;
  • Oscar Grind;
  • Kelly criteria.

Of course the strategies connected with the features of the sport rates (sport betting) in their level can be divided on three little groups which will be even connected in some way:

1. Betting strategies connected with the optimization of the rates on the match’s result.

These are the rates’ strategies which can optimize the winning from the rates on different events, which depends on the match’s result. The methods in general are universal, but some are different for different kind of the rates on the result of the game.

  • The rates 1-X-2;
  • The rates on the score;
  • The rates on the first period’s score/match’s result;
  • The rates on totals;
  • *the corridors*.

2. Sport strategies based on the “going after”:

  • The “going after” –is the general meaning;
  • Double-“going after”;
  • Ivan Pavlov’s method;
  • The “goings after” with the using of the progression.

3. The others – to this wide determination got the strategies, which don’t include above counted groups, but are very important to know them too:

  • *forks* (risk-free bets) – Value Betting;
  • The strategy “do not make rates at all”.

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