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Double-“Going After” Sport Betting System

After analyzing all the possible strategies and variants of the stakes, a lot of the gamblers come to the decision that the best way to bet, after “forks” – I’s “going after”. As for me, I’d like to be more careful with such positions, because this strategy very often can lead to the financial crash […]

How To Bet on Exact Score of The Match Correctly. The 2nd Part

Please read the first post about the sports betting on the exact score. The variant two “before and after” The idea in the strategy “before and after” is that in it a few matches in which the high level of the game is waited are chosen.

The Fixed Bank Percent – Another Financial Betting Strategy

It’s the second strategy of the financial management, which has almost the same level of difficulty. The sense of the strategy is that you decide the sum of your bank (the sum of the rates which you’re choosing for the rates in the office) and the sum of each of your rate is the same […]

Sport Betting Strategy: The Fixed Sum Of The Rate

The fixed sum of the rate, I think you’ve also heard about it as about a flat-betting –belongs to the financial management, exists from its very beginning and is very easy. Playing with the help of this strategy you bet always the same sum of money, and there is no difference on what event.

Financial Management Strategies in Betting

The strategies of the financial management – are the systems which are made to manage your capital (bank), so it means the sum which you chose for rates. The main task for these strategies is to optimize the winning and to minimize the credibility of the fail so it means the case when you can […]