Double-“Going After” Sport Betting System

After analyzing all the possible strategies and variants of the stakes, a lot of the gamblers come to the decision that the best way to bet, after “forks” – I’s “going after”. As for me, I’d like to be more careful with such positions, because this strategy very often can lead to the financial crash of the gambler. That’s why the “going after” is dangerous to use in its pure look. Remember only the Alaves series in the championship of Spain in the 2001-2002 years: the team played without the draw games 29 times!…

That’s why I decided to examine some other kinds of the “going after”, which are not so dangerous for the player. And now I’d like to tell you about one of them – the double “going after”.

So what is the double –“going after”??? The main sense is similar to all the “goings after”, but you bet not on the similar events all the time, but on the opposite events, changing them one after another. So, for example, you bet on the total less till you win, then you bet on the total more, till you win again and then again on the total less and so on.

So what are the advantages in this kind of the stakes?

At first, you can win more often, and the second point is that some features would be counted, which aren’t while the “going after” on one event, for example the present state of the team.

So if the team played well, on the total less, it means that the credibility, that it will play the next game with the same results is high, for example the team started to play in the defense more responsible. The same system is for the total more.

After analyzing the statistics, you can be sure that to “catch” the series MLMLMLMLM is much more difficult than, for example, MMMMMMMM or LLLLLLLL. That means that the risk of the financial crash decreases, but exists anyway.

To the other disadvantages I’d put the great depending on the choosing of the team.

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