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Sport Betting System ‘Not to Bet at All’

If you think that this system is too banal you are wrong – we can use it well enough. In what else system can you find such a thing: the worse you play, the more sum of money you win. So what are the positive points of this system?

Betting On Totals Strategy

The stakes on the totals Total – is the number of the goals/pucks/points scored during the match. The work of the book-maker is to guess this number. And the stakes on totals are made with the system more or less. This kind of stakes is liked by many people because it has only to kind […]

Bet On Play: The Stakes 1-X-2

Let’s talk about the stakes where there are not the two results but three – the victory one. The draw game X and than the victory 2. Let’s examine some systems of the stakes which can help not to lose even if you haven’t guessed even one of the results of the game. The main […]

Financial Management Strategies in Betting

The strategies of the financial management – are the systems which are made to manage your capital (bank), so it means the sum which you chose for rates. The main task for these strategies is to optimize the winning and to minimize the credibility of the fail so it means the case when you can […]

Football (Soccer) Betting: How To Bet Effectively

Let’s review the table of 11th round of the premier league of England. 1. Arsenal 6. Blackburn 11. Everton 16. Sunderland 2. Manchester United 7. Chelsea 12. Reading 17. Middlesbrough 3. Manchester City 8. Newcastle 13. Fulham 18. Tottenham 4.Liverpool 9. Aston Villa 14. Birmingham 19. Derby 5. Portsmouth 10. West Ham 15. Wigan 20. […]